Wednesday, May 18, 2011

sunshine smells nice - by Olive

Today we played frisbee. Frisbee is the best thing to do. When we play frisbee, mum makes me do tricks to earn each throw. Today we worked on "avoid". This means mum turns her head away and then looks back at me. Then I turn my head away. Then I get a click and frisbee toss! This will help me someday to avoid conflict by using the calming signal of turning my head away on request.

Afterwards, we went walking. I am learning about "stay by me", which means I walk beside mum without pulling. Also, I am learning not to bark or growl at strangers when we are out. When I do well, I get clicks and tuna treats! I only forgot to stay calm and growled a couple of times...oops.

We got to play at the hill with pretty blue flowers and oak trees. It is on some nice rocks, too. I like it here because there are good things to smell.

I like walking here a lot. Sometimes I forget to listen to mum here, because it is so interesting.

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  1. This is the cutest blog! I'm so impressed by all the work you do with Olive, you are such a great doggy mum! I always feel so sad for dogs whose owner's can't be bothered to take the time to train the way they need. Good luck with it all! xo